Knox Box

Fire Department Emergency Access to Your Property

The Highland Fire District encourages the use of a KNOX-BOX for our local homeowners and businesses. This system provides the quickest and most secure method of access to your property or building during an emergency. Currently there is over 30 establishments in the Highland that are participates in the program.

How It Works

It’s 2:00 a.m. The fire alarm in your building is ringing and the Fire Department responds. Rather than forcing entry through the door, firefighters open the KNOX-BOX, remove entrance keys, and immediately enter your facility to search for the cause of the alarm. Eliminating forced entry means no property damage and no replacement costs for broken windows and forced doorframes or locks. It also means no flying glass to injure firefighters. You arrive on site knowing that you or your representative did not have to get there before firefighters could enter your building. The Fire Department has already determined that a small fire was contained by the sprinkler system. The reduced emergency response time meant immediate shut off of the sprinkler water supply resulting in minimal smoke, fire and water damage to your property.

10 Reasons Why To Install A KNOX BOX
1. Eliminate needless, costly forced entry damage that may not be covered by your insurance deductible.
2. Assure immediate building entry by firefighters without delay or waiting for building keys.
3. Protect inventory, equipment and supplies from unnecessary water damage caused by delayed sprinkler shut-off.
4. Satisfy local fire codes and emergency access ordinances.
5. Save time and aggravation by not having to drive to your building at 2:00 a.m. for a false alarm.
6. Feel secure about emergency coverage when your building is left unattended. The Fire Department holds the ONLY key to the KNOX-BOX.
7. Maintain building security after a fire alarm investigation by simply re-locking the undamaged door.
8. Protect your property from thousands of dollars in damage with this one-time, low cost investment.
9. Depend on the highest lock box security available with attack resistant, UL tested reliability.
10.Over the last 10 years, KNOX-BOX has been the chosen solution in 6,000 communities nationwide-communities like HIGHLAND!

How To Get a KNOX BOX
If you would like to participate in the KNOX-BOX program in the Highland Fire District or if you would just like some more information, contact our KNOX-BOX coordinator at 845.691-6248 or