Highland Hose Company Line Officers

The field operations of the Highland Fire Company are supervised by the Line Officers. In addition, each officer is assigned various duties to ensure that the members of the company have adequete personal equipment and training to perform their jobs safely. Our officers are elected by the members of the company each year, and approved by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Chief: Peter Miller
1st Assistant: James Anzalone
2nd Assistant: Michael Gaffney
3rd Assistant: Everett Erichsen
Captain: Kevin Rizzo
1st Lieutenant: George Monteverdi
2nd Lieutenant: Wayne Williams

Trustees of the Highland Hose Company

Stephen DiLorenzo
James Rhodes
Anthony DiMetro

Highland Hose Company Social Officers

The Fire Company Social officers are responsible for the administrative functions relating to the company’s business affairs. The officers are elected by the members of the company each year.

Hose Company President: Craig Welch
Vice President: James Balint
Recording Secretary: Steve Lee
Financial Secretary: Fred DeMaio
Treasurer: Martin Newman